150 Self-Watering Hanging Baskets

Major Donation to Sherborne in Bloom

The good news is that we have received an anonymous donation which will enable us to provide 150 self-watering hanging baskets for the buildings in Cheap Street and the surrounding shopping areas.

Each hanging basket needs a new bracket that will support its additional weight. We will provide these baskets  and mount them free of charge to the business owners. Sherborne Town Council will oversee the mounting of the brackets on to the buildings.

This is a one-off project that is, in effect, a long-term investment for our town. The baskets and brackets should last for years and will provide just the environmental enhancement that our shopping area needs.

And, during the seasons, Sherborne in Bloom will be filling them with blooms so that the shopping streets will look stunning. Sherborne Town Council will water the baskets as necessary, again at no charge to the shops.

Permissions Required

But to do this we must have the relevant permissions. Which is the project we’re engaged on now. Because we will be adding or replacing brackets on buildings we must have the explicit permission from the shop-keepers and the owners of the buildings.

If the property is a listed building, we must also have permission from West Dorset District Council. Sherborne Town Council are helping us with this.

As you can imagine, this is all about bureaucracy rather than blooming, but we’re digging our way through 😉

And, hopefully, that will be that. Sherborne will bloom!
Thank you.

Sherborne in Bloom Team

ps. Would you like to donate to our project? We raise the money we spend on plants and blooms from voluntary donations and we really appreciate your contributions.

You can donate a number of ways:

  • via PayPal, with credit or debit card

  • By cash. To do this please contact us and we will make arrangements to meet you for a handover
  • By cheque. Please make cheques payable to ‘Sherborne in Bloom Team’ and send to Gillian Gunner, 118 Newland, Sherborne DT9 3DT

All donations gratefully received!

Enhancing our town