About this Website

This website is designed to provide a light-hearted, yet comprehensive, guide to Sherborne in Bloom.

Our current In Bloom activities are described in the green vertical tabs to the left of this page. In some cases these expand to cover more details. These provide a tour around our town showing our planted environment, our heritage and our community involvement.

Throughout this website we have deliberately followed the old adage that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ and most of the pages are illustrated by topical photographs. These can be displayed in full simply by clicking on them.

The trouble with a lot of community and voluntary websites is that they tend to look too ‘corporate’ or they are full of pictures of men in suits congratulating one another 🙁

We wanted to get away from all that so our website is essentially a blog. The intention here is to provide an ever-changing journal of news and events. We keep this up-to-date when anything happens that we want to share. The home page of our website usually displays the newest blog post.

What about the rest of the website?

The background to Sherborne in Bloom can be found (as can this page) in the ‘About’ tab on the top right horizontal menu.

The right-hand sidebar contains more information and links to outside organisations, including our sponsors.

Please have a good browse around the site and you’ll see what we’re all up to. Enjoy!





Enhancing our town