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Shopping Street Baskets

As previously reported, our major project this year has been to fund and install 150 self-watering hanging baskets all along the shopping streets of Sherborne.

Well, most of the baskets are now in place and they look amazing. Here are some of the sights you can see when you shop in Sherborne:

(click on a pic to see the slideshow)

And this is all just in time for the Britain in Bloom judges who are coming to town next Tuesday 11 July. We hope they are sufficiently WOW-ed!

St John’s Day Wreath

24 June is not only Midsummer day but also St John’s Day.

Every year, St Johns’ Almshouses place a wreath to commemorate this on the arch leading into their cloister. This year it is spectacular:

And the hanging baskets in their cloisters also look amazing:

These are watered and maintained by the residents who do a grand job. Thank you to all for such a beautiful Sherborne sight!